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The goal of the natural healing process is to assist the body in healing itself.

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Vincent has expert knowledge and finely-honed diagnostic skills as a Scenar Therapist. I highly recommend Vincent for any health related issues as my husband and I have had great results using Vincent.


My testimonial is a very heart felt thank you to Vincent Bowyer.
In August I made my first appointment with Vincent to have a massage.
At Vincent’s suggestion I tried Scenar for the 1st time and “WOW!” say’s it all.
I walked out after 1 hour treatment with very low pain.
I have not been pain free since I was 30,
I am now 55.
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s disease (this is when your thyroid is not functioning properly and it compromises the adrenal glands, which then taxes other organs.  I ended up in a great amount of pain with a body very stressed both physically and mentally)
At times I could not see the sense of getting up as the pain was so bad!
I have now had 12 treatments with Vincent over the last 4 months.
The changes are not just noticed by me but my husband, children and friends.
My body is now functioning well, my mind is clear and I have been going to the gym for the first time in my life .
It is a pleasure to get up each day knowing that tomorrow will also be a good day.
Scener has improved my life. I know it can do the same for you.
Give Scenar a go. What have you got to lose, besides a whole lot of pain?!

Margaret Olive

I have been seeing Vincent at Achebusters for treatment of RSI and sporting related injuries for a few months on and off.(It does work so well)

I find the Scenar technology to be non invasive and gentle. There is no back cracking like other sorts of treatment and I always come out of the Achebusters healing room feeling positive. Later in the day the effects are more noticeable. I feel stronger, more balanced and more focused on tasks at hand, like work and just life in general. My general circulation has improved and night cramps are also a thing of the past. RuthtableTennisI highly recommend scenar technology to anyone with any nagging injury anywhere on the body, from the back, to the arm (RSI has completely gone),to the legs.

Headaches go away instantly too. I recommend it for sportspeople who may focus on selected muscles for their prowess. Those muscles cope so much better after scenar treatment and there is a noticeable build up of stamina for the next big tournament too.

I was recommended for a hair test analysis. It is amazing how much our internal selves pick up from the outside world. After having a sample of hair studied I was found to be deficient in some essentials like iron, magnesium and zinc. I also suffered from symptoms like anxiety, associated with high copper levels. I was amazed at the changes to my immune system with some extra specially selected vitamins .

Around me people have been suffering from allergies and general malaise. I have been finding it easier to navigate through those with the help of the extra vitamins. My anxiety levels have also normalised. A few dietary changes were made with the recommendations of the hair study. That has also sharpened my everyday focus and has increased my strength too.

I would highly recommend a hair analysis for anyone who is feeling not quite 100 per cent. Sometimes some quite basic changes can be made to counter that, but with that test you can identify so much easier what those changes are that need to be made. I feel like I am renewing life all over again.


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