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Ragweed – is it the problem, or the answer?

Ragweed! Though ragweed is common across many parts of the world, we probably grow more of it on our 100 acres than I’ve ever seen anywhere!. When I take the tractor out to slash weeds I need to dress up like a World War 1 vet, donned in full suit and gas mask I get hay fever so

Stress leads to weight gain

Do you find that stress can lead to weight gain (Seaward, 2015)?   Have you thought about how this might occur? Contrary to what you may think, stress is not always the problem.  Many people thrive on stress, using it to get the most from their lives. The body doesn’t differenti

Its in your eyes – read the manual.

“When all else fails,” we are told, “read the manual!” The trouble is, as any mother will tell you, we don’t come with a manual. Or maybe we do, and we just can’t see it. Your eyes are unique.  Some countries around the world consider a person’

84 year old widow beats low back pain to mow again

I first met Helen (not her real name) at the end of February this year. She is an 84yo widow who lives on a cattle farm. She was suffering from a low back pain incurred from a fall. It was impossible to do the things she loves. She heard a friend talking about how he had been helped b