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Naturopathy, what it is and how you can benefit by it.

Naturopathy is a unique system of primary health.  It combines traditional forms of healing with modern scientific knowledge to both prevent and treat illness (Smith & Logan, 2002). Not just a 10 minute consultation A key strength of naturopathy is the time afforded you in a consu

Whats in your eye? Blueprint to health.

Did you know each eye is unique?   Most  often we think of the eye in terms of receiving information.  As we look at a subject, information passes through the iris and focuses on the back of the retina.  That light passes information along the optic nerve. The brain then translat

Two broken arms …

When I first met Jan, a widow in her 70s, she looked old.  She was polite but obviously in pain and being pulled down by it.  She explained that she had had surgery on both shoulders and spent a long term in hospital because she was unable to do anything for herself without her arms.

Christmas 2015 and New Year 2016

If you have been banging on our doors, wondering where we are…. We thought this year we would disappear early so we could be back for when you really need us.  We are away over Christmas but will be back 30 December 2015.  You can call in then, or if you prefer, why not book an