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How to Beat the Cold

The immune system is one of the most important systems of the body, and our most important defender against foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria. It is only when we begin to feel run down or can’t shake a cold that we give the immune system the attention it deserves. Fatigue,

Is it time for your annual flu shot?

Its that time of the year when many are pondering whether or not to have a flu shot. There are two camps, vehemently opposed: In the Red corner are those who consider it mandatory. In the Blue corner are those who consider it a Big Pharma money making venture. Here is a short intervie

We are open over the holidays!

Chris and Vince at SCENARworks wish you an AWESOME Christmas and a prosperous 2015. We will be open most days through this holiday season and have provided several ways for you to make an appointment.  If you call us and get that “dreaded” answer machine don’t be foo

A free webinar worth watching – Vaccines with Dr Tami Meraglia

Dr Meraglia is a Medical Doctor, a Naturopath and Mum. She has a passion for nutrition, especially as far as her children is concerned. I don’t get to listen to many webinars but this one was easy to listen to. She has great, common sense things to say about some basic things th