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This course provides a basic introduction to the professional use of Classical Russian SCENAR.

It is usually run over two days and limited to only a few participants. We prefer very small class sizes (including one on one). This allows us to personalise the training to your own learning methods and experience. We recognise some practitioners take to SCENAR easily whereas some require specific attention.

Our objectives for this particular course are that you feel comfortable and confident in how to use the device before you return to your clinic.

Flexible dates

A major feature our courses is in their timing. Advertised dates provide you with a guide. If our dates don’t suit you contact us to arrange dates that do.

Flexible location

Our training usually occurs in Lismore. At times, however it may be convenient to train in your area. Please discuss your requirements with us. We will try to accommodate you.


You will need your own professional SCENAR device. Contact us if you need help in the purchase of a device. If we can’t help you we will put you in touch with someone who can.


FAQ – Professional SCENAR / KEY training

All our SCENAR training is recognised by the SCENAR Therapist Association Australasia inc. 9888412
Your trainer is Vincent Bowyer. Vincent has been using SCENAR technology clinically since 2003 and has been training professionals in its use for over 11 years. He himself has been trained by Chris Mortensen, Dr Alexander Revenko and several Russian expert users such as Prof Alexander Tarakanov, Dr Iosef Semikatov, Dr Irina Ershova, Dr Irina Kossovskia. He was invited to participate in the International 'Top of the Top' Train the Trainer's forum in Switzerland in 2008. Vincent has extensive practical experience of several generations of RITM SCENAR devices including the use of Diag-5 (Rista). He currently uses the German physioKEY devices.
We prefer small classes and even one on one.
Because our classes are small and personalised we are able to cover all the material in two days WITHOUT recucing the practical content.


  • 0/13
    • SCENAR defined
    • A brief history of SCENAR technology
    • The science
    • The Settings and modes of operation
    • Indications and Contraindications/ Cautions
    • The Russian concept of asymmetry
    • Zones of treatment – Local, Horizontals, Symmetrical, Reciprocal, General
    • Local treatment zones
    • Zones of systemic adaptation
    • Local treatment zones
    • Zones of systemic adaptation
    • Principle “Higher”
    • Introduction to cleansing techniques

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