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This course adds to the basic introduction to the professional use of SCENAR, and has as a prerequisite, Levels I & 2. Level 1 and level 2 together make up what the Russians term ‘Basic training.”

I like to think of Level 1 as being an introductory course. You learn to crawl. In level 2 you learn to walk. In level 3 you discover you can fly.
It is usually run over two days and limited to only a few participants. We prefer very small class sizes (including one on one). This allows us to personalise the training to your own learning methods and experience.

In this course we build on your experiences and case studies.  We support you from where you left off after the initial training. All our courses are practical. Level three, in particular provides you with a recipe book of techniques you can use on your clients. We tweak this course to provide a greater emphasis on those techniques that would be particularly beneficial to your practice and the clients you attract.

Flexible dates

A major feature our courses is in their timing. Advertised dates provide you with a guide. If our dates don’t suit you contact us to arrange dates that do.

Flexible location

Sometimes it may be more convenient that our trainer comes to you rather than training in Lismore. Please discuss your requirements with us. We will try to accommodate you.

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