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Detox or Die!

I’ve already managed to forget half of my new years resolutions, but there is still one that STANDS out.  I’m going to detox.  I’m not talking about spending the next few weeks drinking vegetables, nor am I thinking of coffee enemas (can’t quite get my mind about that one.)  I’m going to hit the far infrared Sauna! DetoxBox_girl_pic_wht_towel

“Perspiration therapy”, sometimes referred to as “heat stress detoxification” dates back several thousand years. Romans used this concept in their ancient baths. American Indians used sweat lodges to great effect. Northern Europeans still use saunas extensively.

The Neurologist, Dr Dietrich Klinghardt found  differences in the the sweat of people using far infrared saunas when compared with those using conventional saunas. (What a great job that must have been, collecting sweat!) Dr Klinghardt reports that 95%-97% of the sweat from use of a conventional sauna was water. The sweat from the far infrared sauna users, however, contained only 80%-85% water. The non-water portion being cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals, sulphuric acid, ammonia and uric acid! Finnish Sauna (jump in snow)

We have a far infrared Sauna here in our Lismore Clinic, and available for use by one or at most two people (unless you like to be REALLY cosy.)

We can’t offer snow for you to roll around in after your sauna, but we do believe you will feel unbelievably fantastic.

The Journal of the American College of Cardiology reports that infrared sauna treatment significantly lowers blood sugar, increases circulation and induces weight loss.

What’s stopping you from having a good clean out?! We are offering you a bonus if you book in for a detox sauna before the end of February. The 30 minute sauna normally costs $35 for a single and $50 for a couple. Book a series of at least three and we will knock off 30% from the overall cost! Call us now to book on 6622 6966. This offer also applies to sauna gift certificates.

About the Author
Vincent Bowyer Adv Dip Nat, a Naturopath in Lismore and a Complimentary health practitioner since 2002, has been helping many hundreds of people find relief from pain and leading many to a more vibrant health. His is a practitioner member of CMA, STAA, and AMT Trained by Australia's Chris Mortensen, Vince has attended master classes under Prof. Alexander Tarakanov, Prof. Alexander Revenko and Dr. Galina Subottina.  By special invitation he participated in the international SCENAR trainers forum in Switzerland led by Prof. Revenko, which included SCENAR practitioners from Europe, Africa, Australia and North America. He is a passionate user and trainer of the latest Non-Invasive Neurostimulation technology available in Australia.

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