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Is it time for your annual flu shot?

CaptureIts that time of the year when many are pondering whether or not to have a flu shot.
There are two camps, vehemently opposed: In the Red corner are those who consider it mandatory. In the Blue corner are those who consider it a Big Pharma money making venture.
Here is a short interview with an immunologist with feet in neither camp.  His advice? You need to make up your own mind based on how you perceive the evidence.
To my mind, the evidence is just not there that we all need flu shots all the time. As a Naturopath I believe in implementing natural ways of boosting our immune system.
For advice on natural and evidence based ways of boosting your immune system and best protecting your family this Winter why not call for a consultation. 
About the Author
Vincent Bowyer Adv Dip Nat, a Naturopath in Lismore and a Complimentary health practitioner since 2002, has been helping many hundreds of people find relief from pain and leading many to a more vibrant health. His is a practitioner member of CMA, STAA, and AMT Trained by Australia's Chris Mortensen, Vince has attended master classes under Prof. Alexander Tarakanov, Prof. Alexander Revenko and Dr. Galina Subottina.  By special invitation he participated in the international SCENAR trainers forum in Switzerland led by Prof. Revenko, which included SCENAR practitioners from Europe, Africa, Australia and North America. He is a passionate user and trainer of the latest Non-Invasive Neurostimulation technology available in Australia.

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