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Killer Back Pain

I answered the phone this morning at 8:30.  “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY WIFE?!”

It was a bloke from a neighboring town, who I met yesterday when he brought his wife into the clinic.  They had met a client of mine at the markets early in the morning who recommended they come here.  She had been in intense pain and had a great deal of difficulty walking.  She collapsed into my chair with a groan.  She described her pain as emanating from her lower back and down the front of her leg. (I could actually see her leg tremble with her spasm.)

This had been going on for a couple of weeks and was wearing her down. Both her massage therapist and physio were unable to give her more than temporary relief.

I worked with her for 40 minutes.  SCENAR slowly coaxed her into relaxing.  When she left she was not entirely pain free but her function had returned.  She could walk without pain.  I did warn them both that the next few days may present a rough ride for them as her body heals itself.  I wasn’t expecting this call.

“What have you done?!”  He asked.  “She is 100% normal!!”

“I’ve been watching her in the garden.  She got up early this morning in no pain.  She has written me a list of all the things that need to be done, and she is working like a trojan!” 🙂

About the Author
Vincent Bowyer Adv Dip Nat, a Naturopath in Lismore and a Complimentary health practitioner since 2002, has been helping many hundreds of people find relief from pain and leading many to a more vibrant health. His is a practitioner member of CMA, STAA, and AMT Trained by Australia's Chris Mortensen, Vince has attended master classes under Prof. Alexander Tarakanov, Prof. Alexander Revenko and Dr. Galina Subottina.  By special invitation he participated in the international SCENAR trainers forum in Switzerland led by Prof. Revenko, which included SCENAR practitioners from Europe, Africa, Australia and North America. He is a passionate user and trainer of the latest Non-Invasive Neurostimulation technology available in Australia.

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