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84 year old widow beats low back pain to mow again

I first met Helen (not her real name) at the end of February this year. She is an 84yo widow who lives on a cattle farm. She was suffering from a low back pain incurred from a fall. It was impossible to do the things she loves. She heard a friend talking about how he had been helped b

Two broken arms …

When I first met Jan, a widow in her 70s, she looked old.  She was polite but obviously in pain and being pulled down by it.  She explained that she had had surgery on both shoulders and spent a long term in hospital because she was unable to do anything for herself without her arms.

Aliens – the key to health?

When you look into the mirror, it could be that 90% of what is looking back at you is alien.  Scientists are telling us that bacteria within us outnumber our own cells 10:1. Most of these little critters reside in our gut, freeloading off what we eat.  The trick is, different species

Arm /hand pain

John called me this morning… early. Yesterday afternoon I treated him for the third time.  He left somewhat relieved.  Sometimes, when suffering from chronic pain, the body forgets what normal is.  It adapts.  When it gets lost on the pain merry-go-round, the body seems to redef