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Stress leads to weight gain

Do you find that stress can lead to weight gain (Seaward, 2015)?   Have you thought about how this might occur? Contrary to what you may think, stress is not always the problem.  Many people thrive on stress, using it to get the most from their lives. The body doesn’t differenti

Aliens – the key to health?

When you look into the mirror, it could be that 90% of what is looking back at you is alien.  Scientists are telling us that bacteria within us outnumber our own cells 10:1. Most of these little critters reside in our gut, freeloading off what we eat.  The trick is, different species

Oil change and grease

A good client, an engineer, phoned early this morning with “When can you fit me in?  I need a full service.” Most have us been trained really well over the years to service our vehicles and machinery regularly.  Reliability, safety and re-sale value, all depend on the inco