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Whats in your eye? Blueprint to health.

Did you know each eye is unique?



Most  often we think of the eye in terms of receiving information.  As we look at a subject, information passes through the iris and focuses on the back of the retina.  That light passes information along the optic nerve. The brain then translates this information into something that (hopefully) makes sense to you.

Have you considered information also flows the other way – from your brain?  There are millions of fibres within an optic nerve.  Consequently, the iris, has a reflex connection to every organ and tissue in your body.

What can we see in your eyes?

Consider that your iris contains an estimated 28,000 individual nerve fibres.  Your eyes are the most complex organ after the brain.  Also consider that your eyes are composed of more than two million working parts.  Is it any surprise your eyes provide a window to your soul?

The iris is the most complex external structure of human anatomy.

Have you ever had a good look at your own eyes?  In an iridology examination we take macro photos of each iris and use these to produce a comprehensive report. This process should take no more than 5 to 10 minutes. We allocate time to study your photos and produce a report, then we arrange a further appointment to discuss our findings.

Iridologists assess fibre structure variations and colour to assess the constitutional strength of your physical body, as well as aspects of personality, which can be influenced by conscious and subliminal emotional patterns.  Iridology is not  a treatment therapy.  We use it as a screening tool to detect your individual predispositions.  The colour and pattern of your eyes is a reflection of your unique genetic inheritance.  How you develop these dispositions to the best or worst case scenario depends on how you live your life.

What do your eyes tell you about your health?  Call us now on 6622 6966 to find out.


About the Author
Vincent Bowyer Adv Dip Nat, a Naturopath in Lismore and a Complimentary health practitioner since 2002, has been helping many hundreds of people find relief from pain and leading many to a more vibrant health. His is a practitioner member of CMA, STAA, and AMT Trained by Australia's Chris Mortensen, Vince has attended master classes under Prof. Alexander Tarakanov, Prof. Alexander Revenko and Dr. Galina Subottina.  By special invitation he participated in the international SCENAR trainers forum in Switzerland led by Prof. Revenko, which included SCENAR practitioners from Europe, Africa, Australia and North America. He is a passionate user and trainer of the latest Non-Invasive Neurostimulation technology available in Australia.

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